New Tri-State lottery game debuting Sunday

I’ve been waiting for a pick-5 game here in Vermont for a while now.  Tri-State has been so obsessed with dual-matrix and/or $2 games that I’m glad they’ve decided to keep it simple and inexpensive at $1.

I love the $2 match 2 prize.  It beats the heck out of the Free Play prize that New York offers with Take Five at the same odds.  While Mass Cash and CT Cash 5 offer better overall odds of hitting $100K (and allow for multiple $100K winners), I think Tri-State made a good call by making the matrix 5/39 in exchange for offering a match 2 prize.

I am a bit disappointed that the top prize has to be split if there’s more than one winner.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this happens on the first draw since they’re skipping the Monday draw for that week.  It made sense when Lucky for Life was launched; the first-draw winner generated much-needed excitement for the game.  If we have a split grand prize for the first Gimme 5 drawing, I predict it’ll have the opposite effect.  A progressive jackpot would have made a lot more sense, even if they had to cut the starting jackpot to $50K or so.