New EuroJackpot Lottery Starts Soon

EuroJackpotMany rumours have been circulating over the past few months about a new lottery, the EuroJackpot launching. Speculation has risen as to what the EuroJackpot will entail, which countries are participating, what players can win and when the draws will take place, however excitement is growing amongst players as the new EuroJackpot lottery starts soon. In exactly two weeks, on the 23rd March this game will hold its first ever draw, so let’s look at what this new European lottery, the EuroJackpot is all about.

Back in November 2011 lottery officials from various European countries came together in a summit in Amsterdam to talk about the introduction of a new European lottery and it was here that the EuroJackpot was created. Another European lottery that has proved to be a success is the EuroMillions and the officials at this meeting agreed that the EuroJackpot will play out in a similar style to the EuroMillions.

There is thought to be numerous European countries that will participate in the EuroJackpot and these include Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. It might be the case that other European countries such as Norway, Sweden and Iceland may join the EuroJackpot at a later date, but that is yet to be confirmed.

EuroJackpot draws will take place once a week on a Friday night (starting from the 23rd March) and the jackpot in this new lottery will always be worth a minimum of €10 million but can rollover when no jackpot winner is found, just like the EuroMillions. Below the EuroJackpot top prize there are 11 other EuroJackpot prizes on offer to win in every draw.

Even though the EuroJackpot is a European lottery it has already created global interest, so it will be interesting to see how successful this new lottery will turn out to be.

Written by Grace Mee

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