Health Lottery Results 31st December 2011

Are the Health Lottery results for 31st December 2011 going to be unlucky for you? After all it’s the 13th draw for this fairly new lottery and many consider this to be an unlucky number. It could be that the 13th draw and the Health Lottery results reveal your five chosen numbers to make you £100,000 richer – wouldn’t that be a fabulous start to the New Year! Could it be that the five main numbers drawn didn’t reveal a winner and went to the Second Chance Guaranteed Winner? Read on for more details of the winning numbers.

Latest Health Lottery Results for 24 March 2012

  • 1
  • 2
  • 6
  • 10
  • 42

The draw took place on Channel 5 at 10pm during the ad-break for the TV’s Greatest Magic Tricks yet the schedule of the draw was not shown on the official Health Lottery web page.

The main numbers drawn failed to produce a jackpot winner so the Health Lottery results saw a Second Chance Guaranteed Winner. The ticket reference that will be on the winning ticket is:

  • Ticket Ref: PZ0400559094

Of course with so few draws having taken place for the Health Lottery there are very few statistics to be found for this lottery but here are some of them; 39 that was drawn today is actually the 2nd most popular drawn number making its 4th appearance in the Health Lottery results. Surprisingly the most common drawn numbers, 5 and 7 haven’t come out in the Health Lottery draws for three weeks now!

We’ll update you later with the Health Lottery results revealing the number of winners in the lower prize tiers who won a cash prize of either £500 or £50.

Written by Nicola Barber

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