EuroJackpot Lottery Launches Across Europe

EuroJackpotAfter years of planning and months of anticipation the EuroJackpot lottery has finally launched across Europe with the first draw taking place this evening at 8pm GMT. The EuroJackpot will be drawn and then broadcast from an all new custom built TV studio based in Helsinki, Finland. Ticket sales for the new lottery opened on March 17th 2012 and initial interest from the participating countries has been extremely high.

Countries taking part in the first Euro Jackpot lottery draw are; Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Finland, Italy, Estonia and Slovenia. Other countries marked to join the EuroJackpot at a later date are Norway and Iceland. 

In terms of gameplay the EuroJackpot draw is almost identical to the other popular European lottery game EuroMillions. The draw consists of 5 balls each numbered between 1 and 50 and two Euro numbers between 1 and 8. In order to win the top prize in the EuroJackpot lottery players must match all 5 main numbers and both Euro numbers.

Prizes in the EuroJackpot are awarded in 12 tiers with Match 2 main balls and one lucky number paying the lowest prize of approximately €8.00. The top prize for matching 5+2 starts at a minimum Jackpot of €10,000,000 and then increases after each draw if there are no jackpot winners to a maximum jackpot of €90,000,000.

Unlike the EuroMillions lottery there is no variation in the draw between countries so added regional components of the draw such as the Millionaire Raffle in the UK will not be seen in the inaugural EuroJackpot draw. EuroJackpot Results should be available online via a number of sources and will also be available in the European press and on most major TV stations in the participating countries.

Written by Grace Mee

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